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Dental Career

Scope and Progression

Students who opt for Post Graduation in the field of dentistry as there are plenty of scope after BDS course. There is a great sense of fulfilment and achievement to completing specialization in your chosen field, the Ultimate Goal of your profession!

Career Progression

Those students who desire to advance their skills concerned with oral health treatment connected to the mouth, teeth, gums and related hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity ought to pursue their Masters in Dental Surgery. Dentistry is considered a lucrative profession and ambitious candidates looking to enhance their income must opt for any one of the nine Masters of Dental Surgery, post graduation courses.

Benefits of Master of Dental Surgery

Students admitted to this institute are at a great advantage as Gujarat university gives priority to its students who seek further admission to P.G. in the field of dentistry.Students who enrol in Master of Dental Surgery can acquire skills in advanced techniques and methods pertaining to specialized dental care, aesthetics and preventive dentistry.This qualification enables a candidate with a high degree of clinical proficiency in the specialized subject and brings out the competence to proceed with research and its methodology Candidate doing their specialization in Dentistry also stand greater chance to benefit from lucrative placement in dental hospitals, health care centres and nursing homes in India and abroad, besides being able to set up their own dental clinic facilities in any part of the world.Dentists with specialization are able to enable their patients to maintain healthy oral cavity and enhance their appearance and above all are looked up to as a highly dignified individuals in the society, in which they practice this noble profession.